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Portland Beer Stories Front Cover Large 5pt8 mb


Portland Beer Stories is the second culinary book from Portland Food Writer and Author Steven Shomler. Steven’s first culinary book was Portland Food Cart Stories.

In Portland Beer Stories, Steven tells the stories of 20 Portland breweries, 6 road trip breweries, 5 cideries, and the stories of 13 people and/or entities important or interesting to the Portland beer scene that do not brew beer. 44 stories in all.

Portland Beer Stories will give you a behind the scenes perspective on the Portland beer community.

From The Publisher

Portlanders have got it made. Not only is the city filled with nearly countless breweries, brewpubs, bottle shops and homebrew supply venues, but also the people who created the community are nothing short of fascinating. Saddle up to the bar and get to know the stories of the men and women brewing some of the country’s most exciting beer and cider, from the origin of Ecliptic Brewing to a personal account of a beer truck driver. When you are looking for an adventure outside the city limits, try out one of the seven beer road trips to other Northwest towns (with a designated driver, of course). Join author Steven Shomler for a hop through Brewvana.

Portland Beer Stories Front Cover Large 5pt8 mb

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